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   Everywhere in the world innumerable people enjoy a daily cup of coffee. However, it is a long way from the coffee plant to the roasted bean and those steps must be carefully planned and implemented. H&T offers the necessary machines for coffee processing system to meet customer demands at home and abroad.

   H&T Nha Trang Engineering JSC was established in 1990. At present, the company has over 10,000 m2 of premises, with modern facilities, and more than 200 employees, including high quality engineers and skilled workers. H&T Nha Trang Engineering follows a quality system corresponding to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This contributes to advance the brand value of H&T Nha Trang Engineering to become the most professional coffee processing machine manufacturer in Vietnam.

  Our company specializes in the consultancy, design, manufacture, supply and assembly of equipment for coffee processing system, agricultural, food processing.

  We constantly innovate and enhance our product quality, and service, to provide the best solutions to satisfy the needs of customers.

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